What a stunner, Therosea!

What a stunner, Therosea!

Another hand made piece by IBHT, using solid merbau wood for it’s structure gives it durability that would last you a lifetime…

The craftsmen that had made this piece is from Terengganu and is 89 years young. Sadly, this may be the last piece he will produce. Working with wood ever since he was 14, he has crafted more than 300 pieces of furniture from chairs to small trinkets. Thankfully in his case, he has a trained apprentice who is capable of continuing his skill in the art of woodworking. We really do need to revive this almost forgotten trade… Mass produced machine made items are fantastic, but may not last, as we are slowly realizing lately. The slight imperfections made by hand truly adds character against a stark and stoic pieceTHEROSEA.

Support fair trade. Support Made in Malaya products. Find your own ‘uncle’ and help him by giving him the opportunity to continue working…




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