A Beautiful Bathroom Project

A Beautiful Bathroom Project


Yes, we are in love. We have always had a fascination with beautiful bathrooms, and believe that somehow this area of the house has always been neglected and designed to look as an afterthought…

But bathrooms are also another space that is as important in any home as the bedrooms or kitchens. It’s a sanctuary we all need to feel relaxed in.

Make sure you design a bathroom that reflects your own personal style and needs. In this case, the milan marble makes this space look so very special, and cut in travertines as accents on the wall, it’s just that much more special! A lot of care is taken when thinking out how to design a beautiful bathroom, but like all other things in life, we think it’s worth it.


Powder rooms and tiny bathrooms can be so very lush and beautiful, too. The important thing is to keep it all in a similar tone, and splurge on pieces that make it stand out.

For me, I have always loved brass and deep antique golds. Walls using tinted mirrors, or wallpapers, give that space an extra something to drool over… Ordinary and mundane should never be in the vocabulary when you’re furnishing your own space. Remember that!

And know that there is no right or wrong in design. Express yourself in your homes because at the end of the day, that’s where we spend our time most in life!




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