Our luncheon with Tun M for the Merdeka Jubilee.

Our luncheon with Tun M for the Merdeka Jubilee.

It was a serendipitous day.


We’re elated to have had the chance to chat with the legendary man himself during an architectural dialogue yesterday. Truly, he was the Master of Malaysian architecture during his tenure… and surprisingly, his knowledge and passion in architecture was what steered his vision to champion the local architects and architecture. Fortunately for us, it still remains strong on his agenda to see that the profession flourishes. Even at his age, his mind is still razor sharp and he is hopeful of better things to come for his country.  We cannot help but to admire his tenacity and zest for life and in turn, inspires us to do the same. Well, if nothing else, we now know very clearly that he loves flowers, and had hoped for more greeneries in his beautiful city. This man draws you in, every word he utters you accept and take it as true. He, in an unassuming and indirect way, somehow makes you want to do better. Not just for yourself, but mostly for your country and your people. And as architects, that should be our utmost priority and we should at no point ever lose sight of that…


Let us not lose hope when times are bleak… let us keep looking at the world with a better future seared in our visions. How else will we ever get to progress otherwise?…

We must never forget our past, whilst living in the present and looking forward to our future.

This photo is a tribute to the boys of “The Golden Era” (as quoted by the former presidents of PAM themselves), my father’s peers and longtime friends.  They were the first few who shaped our local landscape into what it is today. And not in this photo, Ar Hijjas, Ar Ken Yeang, my late father… Some of them gone too soon, but many still remain and continue practicing! We, as the younger generation architects, should never forget. And never be too arrogant that we lose sight of our roots, because frankly, we have gigantic shoes to fill!

I guess my suspicion is true… we shall probably be doing architecture til our last breath! But, like my late father, do it not for the fame and not for the money…as long as it is what we love, then it will be a life worth living.




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